We can get Spartan race participants to use our iPhone app, FitSnap, to promote your brand and races on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. People are already posting FitSnap workout pictures that feature training for Spartan races. We would like to work with you to include special Spartan Themes in the FitSnap app that would create Spartan branded workout photos.

Below is information on FitSnap and how Spartan themes in the app would work. Please contact Bill Rollins at any time to discuss. My cell # is 571-294-7673 or you can email me at bill@rollinslabs.com.

FitSnap Explained

FitSnap is an iPhone app that creates motivational pictures from your workouts & activities. It adds your workout information on top of your photos to create pictures to share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. People from all over the world use FitSnap to create amazing pictures. If you search for the hashtag #fitsnap on Instagram, you’ll see tens of thousands of these pictures. Below are some examples.

FitSnap Description

When using FitSnap, users select from one of several Themes to create pictures that feature different types of workouts, events and styles.

FitSnap Themes Explained

FitSnap Pictures Created with Spartan Mentions

FitSnap users are already creating workout pictures that mention Spartan races. Most of these are workout pictures that talk about training for Spartan races. Below are some examples of these pictures found on Instagram. You can click on each picture to go to Instagram to read their full comments.

FitSnap Spartan Picture FitSnap Spartan Pic FitSnap Spartan Picture FitSnap Spartan Picture FitSnap Spartan Picture FitSnap Spartan Picture

Proposed Spartan Race Themes in Fitsnap

We would like to work with Spartan to create special Spartan Race Themes in FitSnap. These themes would allow users to create pictures that are branded with Spartan graphics, logos and other information. Below are examples of how this would work in FitSnap and what the pictures might look like.

Spartan Themes in FitSnap Explained

Below are some mockups of pictures that could be created with Spartan themes. They include things like your logos, medals from the races and a countdown until race day.

FitSnap Spartan Example FitSnap Spartan Cutout Example FitSnap Spartan Countdown Example FitSnap Spartan Finisher Example

Next Steps

Please call me anytime on my cell at 571-294-7673 or email me at bill@rollinslabs.com. I would love to provide more information on how to make this work.

You can install FitSnap from the App Store here: FitSnap on iTunes.