FitSnap is the iPhone app that adds your workout information on top of your photos to create motivational pictures to share with your friends.


Create motivational photos from your workouts. FitSnap adds your workout information on top of your photos to create amazing pictures to share with your friends. Save your FitSnap photos to your iPhone library or post them to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.


  • Your Favorite Activities

    Select from your favorite activities, such as running, triathlon, cycling, yoga, strength training, Crossfit and many more.
  • Connect Your Fitness App

    Create FitSnap pictures by connecting to your RunKeeper and Strava accounts.
  • Fitness Photo Filters

    Apply photo filters to your pictures that have been tuned to highlight fitness activities.
  • Instant Sharing

    Post your FitSnap pictures to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • New Themes Available

    Purchase additional themes to add new ways to format your photos.


FITNESS Magazine
"Now the phrase pics or it didn't happen applies to your workouts too. The new app FitSnap lets you turn workout and race photos into a visual fitness diary"
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Weight Off My Shoulders
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