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FitSnap is an iPhone app that creates motivational pictures from your workouts & activities. Add your workout information on top of your photos to create pictures to share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

  • "I would seriously recommend downloading FitSnap and posting some motivational pictures of your latest race or workout." - Jarred's Cycling
  • "... I was immediately impressed!....I really like how FitSnap adds flair to running pictures while still being easy to use." - Nurse on the Run
  • "The photos look amazing and there are 8 filters to help make them even more amazing." - Running Escapades
  • "I really liked how easy this was to use. And I'm actually thinking of going back to some of my more memorable runs and creating some pictures." - Will Run for Ice Cream
  • "I like it as an easy way to share my activities with the basic details provided in a nice overlay." - Running With Perseverance
  • "If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen me use this app. It’s awesome. It’s for the iPhone and is pretty much my new favorite thing." - Medium Roast
  • "...it makes sharing my workouts on my blog and social media, a lot more fun." - Pittsburgh Runner
  • "What a cute way to document your race times, training paces, or yoga/Crossfit victories!" - Run Jess Run
  • "So if you’re into cycling, running, yoga or crossfit why not give it a try?" - Fit for 365
  • "It is a great way to inspire, share and connect with other athletes and also track your activities, pace and distance in one spot." - Laces and Lattes
  • "After creating an awesome picture you can share it with various different forms of social media, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve been having fun the last couple days playing around with different pictures to use as well as the different styles and filters." - Herbivore Triathlete
  • "Take selfies when you exercise: That reinforces the idea that you’re a person who exercises. (Believe it or not, there's an Instagram for exercise, called FitSnap, that lets you add workout stats to your photos.)" - Owen Thomas - ReadWrite.com
  • "...you will love the FitSnap app. It’s free and while I’ve never been a big picture-taker, I love finding photos to take so I can overlay my exercise stats on top (duration, mileage, etc.), then share them on Instagram." - Run with Erin
  • "It’s so easy to use and I always get comments on how cool my pictures turn out." - The Concrete Runner
  • "... for big milestones it is pretty awesome and a stylish way to show off your stats!" - Fantabulously Frugal
  • "Now there’s a photo app out there, created specially for active people like you and I and it’s called FitSnap." - jamiepang.com
  • "It’s quickly become one of my favorite fitness photo apps. Just plug in your workout information, choose a filter & layout and you’re done!" - Five Fitness Apps I Can’t Live Without
  • "If you’re not a social butterfly, maybe you could use it to keep personal records or memories of specific fitness milestones!" - The Runiverse
  • "It is an awesome free app for your iPhone! If you are anything like me and have no shame with the gym selfies, this app is for you! I love this app :) This is definitely #bamapproved." - Brooklyn Active Mama
  • "So if you are looking to jazz up those post-run selfies or you just need another iPhone app, I highly recommend Fitsnap." - Weight Off My Shoulders
  • "How awesome is this? Fitsnap is a new app that allows you to annotate pictures of yourself running – the idea being that this will motivate you during training for races." - health-e-helen
  • "FitSnap, however, is brilliant for several reasons: first of all, the entire app was designed to cater for workout selfies, which automatically makes it a winner in my book." - Fierce in the City
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    Select Your Activity

    Select from a list of activities and enter as little or as much information about your workout as you like.

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    Create Unique Images

    Select from dozens of themes and filters for an almost endless combination of options. Create a photo that best expresses your activity.

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    Includes Specialized Activities

    This app isn't just for running. Select from other activities, such as strength training and yoga, to create amazing pictures.

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    Share Your Pictures

    Share your motivational fitness pictures on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or your favorite social network, send them to your friends, save them to your photo library and more.